After the new strategic positioning that led to the designation as a “parc naturel habité”, the brand image for Saint-Donat — which was over 25 years old — was revisited.

We used an extraordinary ambassador: the loon. This animal is present throughout the territory and is universally loved. It reflects the values that the city wanted to promote in its communications with families, sports lovers, tourists and companies : courage, loyalty and family spirit. The silver colour offers a contemporary look that recalls the importance of the economic sector.

The launch of this new brand image was deployed throughout all of the promotional tools and via a digital and social campaign. This geo-located online campaign put Saint-Donat’s charms on display and conveyed a variety of activities, according to the season.

Nouveau logo StDonat Couleur




Ancien logo Saint Donat



Nouveau logo StDonat Couleur

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EXE Publicite 2 Facebook Instagram 1200 x 628 pxl Municipalite Saint Donat

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