Optima realized the new visual identity of Ski Garceau, a gift the station offered itself for its 50th anniversary. The graphic design has been updated, while preserving the family tradition of the ski resort. Key elements of the old logo like the sun and the mountain are found in this revised version.

In the process, we orchestrated the launch of the contest "50 good reasons to ski at Garceau" on the radio and on the Web via a geotagged digital strategy. A good way for participants to (re)discover the resort and get a chance to win one of the 50 pairs of tickets. This competition also allowed us to take the pulse of the market and deeply understand why people like to ski at Garceau.

Since then, we contribute each year to the implementation of several initiatives with Ski Garceau, including the redesign of their website, the development of digital marketing plans and more. All of these initiatives have been successful and we are constantly innovating to deliver the most precise targeting strategies that stand out from the competition.

logo garceau



Ski Garceau ancien logo


Garceau.Logo.HighRes.540p X 540p                   Boutique Garceau logo Agence Optima


im garceau screen01 2x 1024x501 Agence Optima   im garceau screen03 2x 1024x501 Agence Optima

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web garceau screen03 2x 1024x501 Agence Optima