We had to quickly establish the reputation of the new large-scale retirement complex, one of Montréal’s largest real estate projects in this sector.

The brand image design was strongly inspired by the neighbourhood’s history. In 1905, real estate developer Ucal-Henri Dandurand, named the neighbourhood “Rosemont” in honour of his mother, Rose Phillips. Thus, the rose emblem developed by our team made many heads turn at the ad campaign’s launch: the rental office’s interior and exterior decorations, website, social media, signage (road signs, bus shelters and street columns), printed materials (daily papers, medical clinics), radio sponsorship and urban guerrilla warfare! Moreover, a cycling ambassador distributed roses to retired people in the Rosemont area, creating quality exchanges with the target clientele. This field operation helped generate numerous contacts with the on-site rental team.

Logo Rosemont Les Quartiers


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