In order to promote its new service centre aimed at 18–30-year-olds, a true innovation in the North American financial sector, Desjardins worked with Optima to launch this campaign. The creative design makes a direct reference to the famous Lite Brite toy that has marked so many generations of children… and parents since it was marketed in 1967.

Located in the heart of the campuses of the Université de Montréal, HEC Montréal and École Polytechnique, it went without saying that the marketing initiatives were deployed locally. The campaign was driven on the web, on metro signs, in bus shelters, in student and daily papers, as well as in the urban guerrilla warfare.

The urban guerrilla warfare has really encouraged proximity with young people at key events during the launch period. The contest maximized “personalized” data collection, according to the profile which was created through a playful questionnaire, as well as quickly drive business to the space 360d.

logo 360d blanc




Photo 360d metro

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