Right off the bat, we’ll be authentic, candid and straightforward with you and your brand. This is one of our key conditions when working with you. We focus on a co-creation approach with our customers. While the truth may hurt at times, it remains the foundation of all our collaborations. Without it, we simply can’t move forward and evolve.

Our work focuses on a collective, user-friendly approach. We involve our clients from the get-go, instead of just asking them to approve our designs once we’re finished. Care to join in? You are most welcome. We’ll propose creative solutions that will enable you to stand out, while staying true to your brand’s core values.

We’ll adapt to your context and environment. We’re small on staff, but big on expertise. We’ll become your marketing support unit.

Our role consists in convincing your clients that your product or service is truly unique. To do so, we need to strategically determine contact points with your target audience and how we can get their business. Besides using a traditional marketing approach, we’ll also leverage digital tools. Bottom line, marketing intelligence must always be a part of the equation.

But how do we get there? With FOCUS©, our marketing intelligence tool, and a team that’s always focused on your needs. Over the years, we’ve perfected this cutting-edge predictive analytical system. Quite simply, our tool amplifies the intelligence we collect. This goes well beyond the traditional client experience. As competition is fierce, the only effective way to stand out and stay relevant is to adapt to the digital era. Businesses that can make their data do the talking will always come out on top. No need to worry: we’ll handle this part and open a dialogue. And you’ll reap the benefits. 

Interested ?



It goes without saying that you need to see clear benefits and real added value before involving an agency in your operations. Here are key points to avoid unnecessary deliberation, since two heads are better than one when it’s time to grow your brand.

We think like entrepreneurs
That means we’re focused on results and driving your sales figure. We’re not there just to draw pretty pictures. We want to expand your market share. Simple as that.

Growing your brand
Our role includes improving your brand’s recognition and building customer loyalty. Don’t forget that consumers are human beings and influenced by their emotions. That’s where we make a real difference, as we create means for them to release these emotions.

Ensuring access to all available means
Things move fast. Sometimes TOO fast. That’s just the reality we live in. There are already plenty of traditional media options out there, each of which is consistently evolving. And that’s not even counting the increasingly essential digital components. You need to know what best meets your objectives and addresses your challenges. We’re here to plan the most relevant strategy.

Showing you the savings
We also aim for you to benefit from economies of scale when it comes to media buys. Since our agency’s purchase volume will often be greater than yours, you’ll see an immediate return on investment. By choosing Optima, you’ll benefit from greater savings or greater visibility. It’s up to you.

Small on staff, big on expertise
We assign customized teams based on the mandate’s parameters. This enables you to have access to the advertising sector’s best creative talent at very competitive rates. Adding seasoned talent to our agency’s core staff enables us to maintain a lean, flexible business that often delivers faster.

It’s all about keeping it simple.